Omb I posted so muchhhhh today.
And they’re not kpop related AHHHHHHHHHH I’m getting so DRIFTED away from kpop.
This is unhealthy //:
But you know….. ik you guys like my retarded life let’s face it.. ogay no? Sorry. (hehe I’m just kidddddingggg).
Ogay ogay I sweaaaaRRR this will be the last xDD

Bi. ♡

Or maybe not.
wE DIDNT PINKIE PROMISEEE (lol wot is this 12v shit)

The two best people in my life messaged me at the same time and WOW I feel great :’)

#9:34PM (:

Srsly. My heart skipped a beat. Lel

Wtf srsly.

So I’m literally in bed rn being a snorlax.
So I thought… whie not share some shit? That no one cares about… YE LET’S GO GET IT LET’S GO! (The enthusiasm in this makes me wanna barf…)
Anyway so giraffe! So before I left my old country, I got this giraffe from my auntie and I loved it ever since. It was my most loved toy until a duck from a special someone was given to me~
Okay now the “짜짠!”
I fixed up my wall lately. By lately I mean yesterday xD I added more and I’m scared to add more because my mom will chop my balls off (what balls…) (dragon balls obviously. Hehe)
The train view thingy is just a train view thingy.
Meaaanwhile that rice triangle (possible illuminati) is just that. Ideks.
That very nice drawing is the only thing I don’t own here although it is legend :’)
Aaaand lastly since I’m injured, I get to go out early on sport and ye~ babeh I’m so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely… eh eh.

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy so the other day I bought a giant bear (bigger than me; I’m 5ft isshhhhh - 154cm) and every old guy man - whatever  just HAD to have a conversation with me. 


They probs went home and said

i met a giant bear today. oh and this retarded chick along with it.


They looked at it as if it’s alive??? lel. 

But idk random but rn i have usher’s OMG stuck in my head wtf. 

k where was this post heading? hogwarts.

omg sofa.

Typical conversation with a friend:

Me: I only help you like

An ant butt crack much

Do they have butt cracks?


Imma google it.

(Later on in the convo) 

Me: But seriously doe I wanna see an ant butt crack


OkAAYAYYYe. How do I have friends exactly? O.o

Most to Least Likely to Snoop Through Your Personal Shit


  1. Scorpio
  2. Pisces
  3. Capricorn
  4. Gemini
  5. Cancer
  6. Aquarius
  7. Aries
  8. Libra
  9. Virgo
  10. Sagittarius
  11. Leo
  12. Taurus



Pisces bby. Watch out for me babes. 

Virgo i believe shud be 1st but ogay.

14.9.14 1283


send me a fandom and i’ll list my five favorite characters

14.9.14 30210




That is a portal.

this is giving me scary feels iDEK WHIE- 

14.9.14 137522


Normal hours: Play LoL/any game, Watch shit, eat shit, blah

RIght before sleep: STUDYSTUDYSTUDY, hb if i was skinny - let’s go gym!

OH LYF. SO NOICE. ^_^_^_^_^ <— so sarcastic lad.